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Making sure you SMILE today and feel the ever-present JOY that's inside all of us. 💜 Subscribe if you love animals - love to laugh - or love to vibe as HIGH as possible. 🤗 Supporting like-minded humans interested in: 🌱 Incredible fruit 🌱 Adorable animals 🌱 Laughter 🌱 KINDNESS 🌱 Anxiety relief 🌱 A plant-based lifestyle Reducing Anxiety is possible with the right kind of input. 💗 Bringing you back to the Present Moment, one Short at a time. 🙏🤗 🍊🍐🍉🍍🍇🥭🥑🍓🐶😺 I'm grateful you're here. 💗 Let's raise each other's vibration! ✨ Need Accountability, Healing, or Support? Check out Eva's Group Coaching and Member Community: 🍐🍉🍊🍌🥥🍅🥭🍋🍇🍑 @Shari.Likes.Fruit on IG 🤗 @RawFoodPerson on IG 🤗 🐈 You are amazing. 💜 Share your light. ✨ Spread kindness. 🤗 🍐🍉🍊🍌🥥🍅🥭🍋🍇🍑 Looking for my fruit channel? 👇

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Cute CAT LICK Fight. 😮😄 #shorts #cats #funnycats

Cute CAT LICK Fight. 😮😄 #shorts #cats #funnycats

Shari Likes Fruit
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The Hardest Cat Story to Tell. 😭 #catshorts #cuteanimals #cat

The Hardest Cat Story to Tell. 😭 #catshorts #cuteanimals #cat

Shari Likes Fruit
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